Saturday, July 28, 2012

Alcohol. Et. al...

You may be opposed to liquor in general, but I will say, in my experience, using alcohol as a pain killer or distraction from it is less likely to result in:

1) Class action lawsuits against major pharma companies (i.e. just watch your television for a while)

2) Major biological problems (i.e. let's just say maybe you can't use the bathroom because a popular RX narcotic includes this side effect, that freaks you out, because what if you were like this the rest of your life? and you never had this problem before this you stop...)

3) Addiction, because, let's face it, you really aren't in NEED of this thing, just what it provides. Because the people you hear becoming addicted don't REALLY need it, they just have no pain tolerance, as opposed to you, who are the expert, living with it 24/7. So you don't NEED it, it is just a choice, to not feel the pain, say, right NOW.

Just sayin'. In my very limited experience with narcotics (i.e. meds) and alcohol, the latter seems less dangerous in moderate quantities, as opposed to the former, which can cripple you quickly without warning. If you have any question about this opinion, just note the recent commercials about what is it, bladder mesh lawsuits? Or just try to p** after you take ONE tylenol with codeine. And then imagine, what happens to your bladder after1 year or 10 of them? 

Then read the book "Peter the Great" by Robert Massie. And go to see St. Catherine's Summer Palace in St. Petersburg, where you can see the (real or replicated) 5-legged chair mentioned in it. After you will get done reading this book, you will see new validity to my point. Although, when in Russia, I saw plenty of dangerous drinking. Which may also invalidate my point. However. Let me just ask you: how many lawsuits did you see against Budweiser this year?

Lastly. Because I am a thorough sort, if there is any remote chance that the government is colluding with pharma companies to 1) conduct biowarefare on our citizens or Canadian citizens, and 2) give pharma companies profits by "fixing" the problem, I fully intend to deny pharmas all the profits that I can.

Additionally and most finally, I love the Budweiser horses. And frogs.

There. I rest my case. 

This ad not sponsored by Bud.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yup, the guai protocol works...but what about the RBC mis-shapage?

In my last post I raved about how a new ingredient EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) might reshape blood cells - that can't fit through tiny capillaries - and lessen FMS pain.

The problem is - that multiple events exist. And none are "wrong." (Sound like your workplace? ;)

Blood cells do get misshapen. I know this because when I exercise and oxygen flows to my body again, pain is reduced by 1/2 to 3/4 and I get GOOD feelings.

But also...I have been taking EPO generously ever since Sunday when I read about it, and I am in intense pain because my body still will not process salicylates. Yes. So that means that BOTH the guai protocol as proposed by Dr. St. Armand & the RBC misshaping by Dr. Les Simpson are true.

I just went to the chiropractor & was nearly unable to be adjusted at all because my muscles were in such pain & tension.

So this means - I will lower my dose of EPO to one per day, and see if I can take that with the TrueHope EMP (which already has Ginko in it, and other natural ingredients).

In addition I have been putting multiple sources of salicylates on or in my body, what really set me over the edge I think. This weekend it was 90 degrees, and we went to the Charles River to cool off (ha ha) so I was using natural-oil-laden sunscreen for multiple days.

I think my liver just threw up its little red hands & said, I can't eliminate all these phosphates, so suck it up. muscles did.  Owwwww!

In other news, my niece tells me that a low-fat diet is proven to aid MS patients. And in the news today, a popular MS drug fails to control symptoms.


The body is made of natural substances. What do chemists think they can do with that? Craziness.

More to come...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fibromyalgia & Red Blood Cell Mishap-age

Somehow, in this high-speed digital world, it took 12 years for me to learn there is a physical symptom for FMS that shows up in blood tests and can prove you have it. I love my doctor (he is also super cute) but even he didn't know this, as he told me a few years ago you could see MS in medical tests, but FMS is invisible. Not so.

Dr. Les Simpson from New Zealand discovered that the blood cells of people with CFS, FMS and some other diagnoses are misshapen. Seems the cholesterol gets removed from them, and they get the wrong shape so they can't fit through the capillaries. They can't carry oxygen to parts of body, primarily the muscles & nerves, so - voila nerve pain. You can read more here

Credit: Biomedical Optics Express
This is not so surprising, considering that even stress will misshape them. Check out this site, which hosts this visual of what stress alone can do to blood cells. 

Also interesting to note as physical proof for CFS, one poor victim was shown to have scar tissue in her brain, possibly due to lack of oxygen. I say victim, because I firmly believe these diagnoses are all the result of mycoplasma biowarfare, which involves the exchange/agreement of the US and Canada to conduct experiments on each others' citizens. For more on the covert testing of mycoplasma, check out this site also:

(If you are reticent to believe the rationale behind this thought stream, check out this site, which shows again physical evidence that CFS exists, and then questions why CFS patients have a virus, and tend to get cancer...They ask "What is this virus, and where did it come from?" Perhaps here?)

So a bigger picture is emerging.

Equally disturbing is that doctors don't know about this. By choice! The site I referenced in the link above states that no doctors show up to Dr. Simpson's lectures on the topic. Why would this be? I am befuddled why our doctors (even my own, when I told him) ignore government biochemical experiments and their effects on the body. The drug companies may be paying them off to prescribe meds, but are they brainwashing them also, so they completely close their minds to reality? Another doctor referenced in this site apparently denied a connection between the mycoplasma and CFS, although the patient's mother had clearly heard otherwise.

Also unsure why the media doesn't acknowledge it. As an experiment, I may send this information around to some editors and see if there are any whistleblowers around. After all, the government openly admits doing these poisonings, yet nobody seems to care.

Fast forward to my care. So yesterday I picked up the recommended Evening Primrose Oil & took some. I actually feel better today, but it may be a fluke, so I am not celebrating. Yet. Because of course, it contains boucoup salicylates, and my back will likely start to hurt like crazy. But the Primrose Oil is supposed to help reshape my little blood cells so they can go on their merry way again.

What else gets blood cell shapes back to normal so they can continue their oxygen-laden journeys? Lack of stress, exercise, B-12, some medication he mentions that I need to research, and a couple other things. Sounds somewhat like some stuff I have already been doing for years. My primary way to lower pain has always been exercise, or anything that increases oxygen.

I had already figured out the link between pain & oxygen years ago. I have always known that anything that increases oxygen lowers pain. So now it is very interesting to hear there is a medical reason.

So this is the start of my foray into a new self-care regimen. It includes some old & some new:

1. Low stress
2. Daily exercise
3. Vitamin B-12 by Jarrow (I can tell these work, I have used them for a few months)
4. Guaifenisen protocol (For last 12+ years)
5. EMPower by True Hope (I just receive a few months shipment yesterday)
6. Evening Primrose Oil (6 weeks is supposed to show if it works or not)

Happy blood cells, here we come! :)