Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chicken or Egg? FMS or Digestive Trouble?

I went to visit my doctor this year for my annual physical. While there I asked what was up with my digestion. I said, right here is this spot that is always causing trouble. It is somewhere in my abdomen and it throbs like a heart-beat. What is it? He said your small bowel is located there. There are a lot of nerves there.

Really? So of course I went and googled. And googled. What I found added yet another puzzle piece to the mystery of FMS.

Apparently, I had it all wrong. FMS is not the cause, it is just a SYMPTOM. Wow. Who knew. Where have I been the last 10 years with all this research?

My latest research is on SIBO (small intestinal bowel overgrowth) and IBS. Not surprisingly, the mycoplasma virus probably caused both of these. It probably causes breast cancer as well. And this all fits in with my developing theory that all these problems are vaccine-induced when the government started mandating vaccinations after WWII. This fits the 1950s timeline where IBS and digestive trouble - and breast cancer - seemed to have emerged. Vaccines also fits into why FMS is a Gulf-War sickness.

Then, there is what they call leaky gut (yucky) where bacteria eats through your intestines and leaks toxins to your body. Hmmm. Something else to fix. And everyone is yapping about candida and what a problem it is. Not to mention parasites. Gees. Where does it end?!

Anyhow. On to the cure. (Ha ha. Should I have said treatment? Placebo? Next thing to try?)

You can google the benefits and why's of these if you wish. But last week I started using 

- Peppermint oil
- Olive leaf oil
- Coconut oil
- Wormwood
- Organic honey
- Diabe Tea (bitter melon, gymnema, Stevia)

Next up, among many other things:

- Black Current Oil
- Evening Primrose Oil

This is in addition to some other things which I won't confuse the article with, but they are a start. I have noticed benefits already, one of being which, that I. Can. Breathe. Yes, I have been able to get a full range of air and am not gasping like a fish out of water, which I understand is also a CFS symptom.

I ran across a blog today that I want to give a shout-out to. It is I thought I had it bad that I have shooting pain in my muscles 24/7. The folks with severe IBS or SIBO have it far worse, and I feel so bad for them. Some of them report being doubled over in pain on the bathroom floor for hours at a time. I have never had this type of pain. But I learned from it - digestion causes pain. Who knew.

Anyway, I digress. This lovely woman, Lyndsay, reports that her diet is incredibly restrictive, and causes her a lot of emotional pain. I can certainly empathize with the very idea of restrictive diet. I think I should probably try such a thing, but I am going to try the modified version first I believe, and then I might try the very expensive Elemental food plan for 2 weeks to kill off the (possible) SIBO and see what happens.

More to come on this. I am off to write to Lyndsay, to offer my small tiny element of understanding.