Saturday, May 3, 2014

Adrenal fatigue & what is left of you afterward

Wonder why you are tired? As in chronic-fatigued or FMS type of tired, where your body Just. Won't. Move? And it knows there really is a hole in the floor where you call fall all the way to China - you are that tired - but the floor just won't open?

You might have adrenal fatigue (AF).

And here is the scary and sad and blech part. Your doctor won't tell you this. Unless you have Addisons or Cushings disease, which are at either end of the energy spectrum - your doctor just won't recognize it. Period. And an expected 90% of people suffer from it, which means that everyone appears "normal" even if we are really dragging through our day, with nothing left to give. Anyone.

Wonder where I get these goodies of info from? Check out Dr. Wilson's book, Adrenal Fatigue, The 21st Century Stress Syndrome. 

It appears you can get severe AF from prolonged stress, or from just one significant event that depleted all your energy & shut down your adrenals. It's that simple. Scary, eh?

So what to do? First of all, take the test in the book. I scored 144 - where 132 is "severe" adrenal fatigue. Yes, that is annoyingly high.

Second, get some saliva tests done. You can order your own on Amazon, or I just reached out to a doctor/cousin of mine to see what he has to say. He is a specialist in the area, if you are interested - Dr. Wes Youngberg

I will let you know how things turn out. But I have started self-treating no matter what. 

The adrenal diet basically is blah. I mean no alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, sugar, white flour, etc. etc. No vices, essentially. But the good news is, you get down to your baseline energy, once you stop propping it up. And in an odd way, that feels really good.

The mid-day naps are great :). (If you have a job where you can support this.) And the eating every couple hours is helpful, but does require a little remembering to create "snack time."

But - I am feeling a little better at least, without the ups & downs of stimulants. And at least I know how fast I can move now on my own steam...China, here we come!

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